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Hi, since it’s January you can watch a post on improving 🙂 on Instagram @romanian_language_lab and Facebook @romanianlanguagelab  

To express the notion of improvment we need the adjectives and their gradation. 
This video shows the basics. Note the adjective’s position after the noun, excepting the superlative structure where it is positioned before the noun just like in English.

bun/bună = good

un an = a year, o idee = an idea

Remember: nouns ending in ă or e are feminine and the adjectives joining them get the ending ă.

La mulți ani!

La mulți ani! Un An Nou bun de la Romanian Language Lab! Happy New Year from Romanian Language Lab! 

Watch the video on Romanian Language Lab’s YouTube channel or on Instagram @romanian_language_lab !

Below the explanations for the posted video:

La mulți ani is the greeting for the new year and for birthdays.

an nou = new year, an bun = good year, sănătate = health, bucurii = joy, joyful moments

Revelion= the new year celebration

acasă = home, în familie = in the family, cu prietenii = with friends, petrecere = party, merg = I go, mergem = we go, sărbătorim = we celebrate, afară = outside, artificii = fireworks, la munte = in the mountains, sunt plecat = I’m away (masculine), sunt plecată = I’m away (feminine)

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